My name is Konstantinos Papachristou I am 17 years old and I am the founder of Teens4world. I was born and raised in Greece; a country largely affected by one of the most devastating economic crises in recent history. Greek young people felt trapped in a political and social reality with little hope for the future.

However I understood through my interaction with young people that they had very innovative solutions on the problems that our country faced but there was not a platform that they could express their views. And that is why I created Teens4greece, the 1st think tank of teenagers in Greece!

Two years have passed since I created Teens4greece, and not a lot of things have changed in the meantime. Working with European and International organizations such as Eurochild, Child Rights Connect, The UN, LearningforWellbeing and Smile of the Child I realized that a lot of the problems remain unsolved both in Greece and globally.

However, I also made another important realization, our generation is passionate about change and have very innovative and creative ideas. There has always been a need for a global platform in which teenagers from all over the world will suggest solutions on the issues we face as humanity. Issues such as Poverty, Climate Change and Education. The UN set out the 17 Sustainable Development Goals that humanity has to reach by 2030 to ensure a better and more sustainable world.

Teens4world is for all of you who have a voice that needs to be heard, for all of you who have been silenced. For all of you that have ideas and will stand for what is right and moral.

Let’s unite to build a better world, a better future!

Let’s Act! Join us!